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The Power of a Morning Routine

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I’ve been lying to myself all month. During a Peloton Run Robin Arzón said that, “Excuses are lies of mediocrity that we tell ourselves convincingly.” That one hit me like a ton of bricks. One of the main characteristics I look for in the people I surround myself with is honesty. After hearing her say that, as I sweated through a couple of miles, I had to acknowledge the fact that I have been lying to myself all month long.

I’m tired because I tossed and turned all night.

This is too hard.

I think I’m getting sick.

I have a migraine. (I don’t get migraines.)

The list goes on…

You guys, I literally lied to myself every single morning this month to avoid my morning routine. As I examine my emotions throughout the last 30 days, I saw the immediate effect this choice had on me mentally. Not only was I more tired, I was really really hard on myself. I am my toughest critic… the people around me know. My love language is performance. I know that’s not one of the 5 on the list, but I am a firm believer that it should be. I am the girl that writes a task on her DayTimer JUST so that I can highlight it off of my list!

This month, I failed to perform. I failed to show up for myself and it’s taken a toll on me.

The Green light in this situation? I learned the absolute POWER of a solid morning routine.

I follow a ton of successful entrepreneurs and they all have one thing in common. Each and every one of them follows a strict morning routine.

Prior to my lie-to-myself-month, I got in the habit of a focused routine in the morning.

5AM my alarm goes off, 5,4,3,2,1 my feet are on the floor.

5:15AM I’m on the tread. I love to run, my brain completely shuts off and I am totally focused on completing the task at hand. I am blessed to have a Peloton Tread; it’s literally the best investment I’ve ever made. I HIGHLY recommend checking it out, or downloading the Peloton App to follow the running classes on there. These women have 100% made me a better, more confident runner.

6:00AM I’m sweaty and on my way home. #sweatybysix

6:15 Coffee, devotional, and journaling. I picked up journaling this year. It’s been such an amazing release for me. When I journal, I basically just write down my prayers. It allows me to have a daily conversation with God and He just shows up. I promise you guys, God shows up at 6AM.

6:45 Start Today Journal. Rachel Hollis is a massive influence in my life. I swear, she is my soul sister. She created this journal where everyday you document 10 goals as if you’ve already accomplished them and five things that you are grateful for.

7:00 Get ready for the day and listen to a podcast where I learn something, or am challenged by the dialogue. My go-to’s on YouTube are Impact Theory, Ed Mylett, My girl Rach, or Steven Furtick.

As I am writing this, I am literally craving this time with myself. So, why do I still struggle with this? Why do I allow myself to slip away from the things that may be hard, but are so great for me!? I know I am a better me when I show up for my damn self! I hope that I am not the only one out there that can relate to this.

As we approach the end of 2020, we are beginning to create resolutions in our minds about who we will be and what we will accomplish in 2021. So let’s just start right now… Ask yourself. Are there lies of mediocrity I am telling myself convincingly? I know I am. We’ve got to flip the script. You don’t do this anymore. You are worthy of more than this!

Now, I challenge you to find a routine that works for you. It doesn’t have to be at 5AM, but I challenge you to find time every single day where you just focus on you.

You are worthy of this time. We are worthy of this time!

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Remember always, – YOU ARE WORTHY.

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